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Your donation is tax deductible 91-1697522 Oak Harbor Senior Center Foundation 501(c)3 Non Profit.  You can also donate by making your check payable to OHSC Foundation and mail to OHSC Foundation at 51 SE Jerome St. Oak Harbor WA, 98277

Senior Assistance Community Meals

Providing an opportunity for seniors in need to combat isolation and food insecurity

Program & Membership Scholarships

The Oak Harbor Senior Center Foundation provides scholarships to low income older adults to cover membership and program costs to allow them to participate and engage meaningfully with their community in an effort to combat isolation. Participation in our evidence based fall prevention programs help people stay independent and healthy as they age.

Gifts of Connection for Seniors 

The Oak Harbor Senior Center Foundation & the North Whidbey Coalition on Vital Aging acknowledges older adults who would like to be remembered during the holiday season through Gifts of Connection.


Older adults in need on North Whidbey are invited to list three items they would like to receive this holiday season. The list is available for community members to select from, purchase, and return to The Center for delivery to the individuals requesting. This is an opportunity to remind them that we are aware of and care for them. Over seventy older adults are served with this program and each year the need grows. Every dollar counts.

General Programming

Help sustain all the wonderful programs at The Center in Oak Harbor. 

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